What the 12South Winter WarmUp did for 12South

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Running thru 12South
Running thru 12South

Due to the HUGE success of the December 2014 Winter WarmUp 6k and 12k, 12South Patrons At Play was able to make a large donation to Hands On Nashville and to Rooted In 12South.

HON is utilizing the funds to make energy retrofits and provide energy education to 5 Metro schools, 10 local nonprofits and 10 local homes.

Rooted In 12South and Sound Forrest are using the funds to continue their planting in 12South.  Trees will be planted along Montrose Avenue this Spring.

In addition to the local contributions, 12South Patrons At Play will be utilizing a portion of the funds to get the planning started for the much beloved 12South Summer Concert Series!

Thank you to all that contributed their valuable time to the planning and implementation of the 3rd annual Winter WarmUp!