Our Board Members and Patrons @ Play


Morgan Ribeiro – Board MemberMorgan Ribeiro

Morgan Ribeiro and her husband, Anthony, have lived in the neighborhood for about five years. Morgan plays an instrumental role in planning and executing a number of neighborhood events, including the Home Tour, Concert Series and the Winter WarmUp race. She is an active community volunteer and has been involved in a number of local non-profits throughout the years. Morgan is passionate about bringing our diverse neighborhood of residents and businesses together through fun, family-friendly events that make 12South the fun place it is known to be. Professionally, Morgan serves as the Executive Director of Healthcare at Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis.

Erin Simpson – President Erin Simpson

Erin has lived in 12South for many years.  In her professional life, she is an Agent with Village Real Estate.  She is also a graduate of Rhode Islands Design’s Interior Architecture Program.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and training for 1/2 marathons.  She enjoys running through 12South for her training programs.  Erin looks forward to continuing to make 12South a fun place for families and friends to gather!

Catharine Newman – Board Member

Catharine and her husband, Will, live, work and play in 12South.  As the proud owner of Edley’s BBQ, Catharine is a proud supporter of all 12South events.  She and her family have been the cornerstone of helping 12South start the summer concert series.

Audrey Soskin – Treasurer

Audrey and her husband, Kevin, and 2 children have lived in 12South for many years.  She has always enjoyed the 12South Merchant strip and is often seen strolling with the kids or enjoying a drink on a merchant patio.  We welcome Audrey to the board!

Heather Gillum – Board Member

Allison Koch – Board Member 

Catherine Newman – Board Member


WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! THANK YOU! Dedicated 12Southers AND Honorary Patrons @ Play:

  • Chris Whitsett
  • John Schweikert
  • Lou Everhart
  • Will Carney
  • Greg Gillum
  • Sara Hillyer
  • Steve West

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