Our Board Members and Patrons @ Play


Morgan Ribeiro – Board MemberMorgan Ribeiro

Morgan Ribeiro and her husband, Anthony, have lived in the neighborhood for about five years. Morgan plays an instrumental role in planning and executing a number of neighborhood events, including the Home Tour, Concert Series and the Winter WarmUp race. She is an active community volunteer and has been involved in a number of local non-profits throughout the years. Morgan is passionate about bringing our diverse neighborhood of residents and businesses together through fun, family-friendly events that make 12South the fun place it is known to be. Professionally, Morgan serves as the Executive Director of Healthcare at Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis.

Erin Simpson – President Erin Simpson

Erin has lived in 12South for many years.  In her professional life, she is an Agent with Village Real Estate.  She is also a graduate of Rhode Islands Design’s Interior Architecture Program.  In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and training for 1/2 marathons.  She enjoys running through 12South for her training programs.  Erin looks forward to continuing to make 12South a fun place for families and friends to gather!

Catharine Newman – Board Member

Catharine and her husband, Will, live, work and play in 12South.  As the proud owner of Edley’s BBQ, Catharine is a proud supporter of all 12South events.  She and her family have been the cornerstone of helping 12South start the summer concert series.

Audrey Soskin – Treasurer

Audrey, her husband, Kevin, and two children have lived in 12South for many years. She has always enjoyed the 12South merchant strip and is often seen strolling with the kids or enjoying a drink on a merchant patio. Audrey’s background in finance allows our group to focus on how we can run most efficiently while impacting the community in a positive way.

Heather Gillum – Secretary

Heather and her husband, Greg, are Nashville natives who have been living and volunteering in 12South with their daughter since 2010. She loves supporting 12South restaurants and businesses, doing as many errands as possible on foot. She works nearby as a Child Language and Literacy Specialist at nonprofit Learning Matters, Inc., and teaches at Vanderbilt University.

Allison Koch – Board Member 

Allison and her husband, Chris, have called 12South home since 2014. Along with their son, they love hanging out in the neighborhood and being a part of the 12South community. Allison currently serves as a volunteer liaison between Patrons at Play and neighborhood elementary school PTOs, coordinating volunteer and fundraising efforts for children’s causes within our community. She helps coordinate the 12South Winter WarmUp Kids 1K Fun Run and the 12South Concert Series hosted by Patrons at Play.


WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! THANK YOU! Dedicated 12Southers AND Honorary Patrons @ Play:

  • Chris Whitsett
  • John Schweikert
  • Lou Everhart
  • Will Carney
  • Greg Gillum
  • Sara Hillyer
  • Steve West

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