Giving Back

We are a local organization and our ‘give back’ will be local, too. You’ll be able to see your contributions at work right here in 12South.  We have teamed up with Sound Forest of Nashville to support planting trees in 12South where needed.

Rooted In Trees pic

             April 2015:  Although the “fruits of our labor” have not bloomed yet, our trees have arrived and have been planted.  Come see our new Redbud trees all along Montrose Avenue!!!

tree tag

“ a 501c3 EcoCharity offering sustainability programs to help improve the environment. It is our goal to educate and enable companies, local government, community groups, and individuals to operate in an improved eco-friendly manner. Our primary focus is to help restore natural and urban forests by planting trees to improve water quality, filter pollutants from the air, save energy by shading AC units, and create wildlife habitat in both rural and urban sites. Our fruit tree program helps produce locally grown produce. We also offer composting and recycling programs as well as promotes alternative methods of transportation including the benefits of riding bikes.”   – Sound Forest


Patrons At Play also helps raise funds to contribute to neighborhood projects.

See our new sign as you enter 12South from downtown Nashville!  Sadly, the original sign was destroyed in a car accident.  Fortunately, neighbors, merchants, Patrons At Play and the Neighborhood Association were able to ban together and commission a new sign!

12 S island sign


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